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Huddersfield-headquartered law firm Holden Smith has significantly increased its number of inbound leads through a targeted Google Ads campaign implemented and managed by Vizulate. 

The firm has recently expanded its geographical reach by opening a fifth office in the Yorkshire region.

The new office, located in Horsforth, has also allowed them to expand their family law team and service offering.

A Google Search Ads advertising campaign was set up by Vizulate to increase their search presence for family law services in their target geographic area, which has yielded some impressive results.

Holden Smith Director, David Bancroft, said: “We started working with Vizulate on our website and Google Ads in the middle of last year, and the number of enquiries we have received across our locations, for all our services, has increased substantially during this time.

“We can directly attribute an average of 35 qualified leads per month to the work Vizulate has done on the website and with our Google Ads marketing.

“Having worked with similar firms in the past, I can honestly say that they did not get anywhere near the results that Vizulate has manged to achieve to date”.

Speaking about the results, Vizulate managing director, Scott Brant, said: “Though we have been able to increase the number of inbound leads for Holden Smith, what is pleasing is their team has actually been able to successfully convert a significant percentage of the leads into new business wins., which isn’t always the case when we run PPC campaigns.

“Nobody is ever going to have a one hundred percent conversion rate. But it is good to work with a business that understands that the positioning, marketing and getting the lead are just the first steps in the process. They don’t take that lead for granted and know they must go on to nurture and convert it.”

Holden Smith, which employs over 100 people across offices in Denby Dale, Elland, Leeds Crossgates, Ilkley and Horsforth, has experienced rapid growth in the last 12 months, and has ambitious plans for 2023.

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Holden Smith directors James Smith and David Bancroft with Horsforth family law expert Leanne Pollard