Vizulite Small Business Websites

Web design and development specialist Vizulate has launched a new service offering for startups and smaller businesses for simple but effective websites.

The new service, called Vizulite, is primarily aimed at SMEs generating under £500,000 per annum and will launch with three basic offerings, based on the design and style of the website the client requires.

Speaking about the new offering, Vizulate Managing Director, Scott Brant said: “Over the last couple of years we have been working primarily with businesses generating annual revenue anywhere between £1m-£20m. These businesses have typically been B2B organisations that we have created custom websites and e-commerce websites for, often with hundreds of complex functionalities and integrations with their back office systems.

“While this was a strategy we actively pursued, we found ourselves unable to cater for smaller businesses that didn’t want or need a custom website, but didn’t have the technical know-how or time to create a website for themselves.

“As well as letting these businesses down, we felt we were turning down significant revenue with the amount of enquiries we were getting.

“With this new offering, we can quickly, and cost-effectively for our clients, deliver small, well-designed, fast and mobile-optimised websites for SMEs without diverting too much resource from our custom website development team and those projects.”

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