Buffalo Anti Flood Airbrick

The family of Luke Ruddiman, a late innovator from Huddersfield, have carried on his work by bringing his final design to market.

The revolutionary ‘Anti-flood Air Brick’ is the result of years of research and development, aimed at providing an effective solution to the problem of energy loss and flooding in homes.

Luke Ruddiman

This design follows the huge commercial success of Luke’s game changing ‘Buffalo non-return valve’ flood defence, which was released in 2018 and has gone on to be distributed worldwide by Fernco Ltd and stocked in UK stores including Screwfix, and Myers.

The Buffalo Anti flood Air brick was the last product that Luke designed before he passed away after a short battle with testicular cancer in December 2018 and his family have worked tirelessly since to bring his design to life.

The ‘Buffalo Anti-flood Air Brick’ is a unique passive flood prevention solution, with an automatic flood barrier. Installed in place of an existing airbrick, with no tools required, the Anti-flood Air Brick features an innovative floating seal which automatically closes the vent when flood water approaches. A valve is lifted by the pressure of the water, creating a flood seal in the vent and preventing water from entering the property. The Buffalo Anti Flood Air Brick also improves the energy efficiency of the property by reducing the convection and draft in the sub-floor void.

The seal will re-open once the flood water has receded, allowing ventilation to the sub-floor of the building once again. The removable grill can be unclipped, which allows for easy inspection and maintenance of the air brick.

The Buffalo Anti-flood Airbrick is a passive flood protection product, which means no human intervention is required to prevent the property from flooding.

Tony Ruddiman, Managing Director at Buffalo Flood Systems commented: “We are absolutely thrilled to have been able to bring this product to market. As my son Luke’s final design, we were determined for the world to see it and have worked tirelessly as a family since his passing to bring this from concept to market. We would also like to thank our partners, Faulkner Engineering and Harold Fisher Plastics Ltd for all of their hard work in bringing the product to life.”

“Testament to the ingenuity and creativity of Yorkshire’s inventors and designers, this is a product that is incredibly effective, whilst also reliable and passive in its functionality.”

Ruddiman adds: “Not only does this product protect against the devastating effects of flooding, but it is incredibly energy efficient, so will help to keep bills down at a time where every penny counts to consumers. As a family, we are delighted at the prospect that there will be a small part of Luke that lives on, protecting homes all over the UK.”

The anti flood air brick is available for sale at https://waterandpest.co.uk/product/buffalo-anti-flood-air-brick/