Google Ads Agency Huddersfield

We are pleased to announce Vizulate Digital has recently become a Google Partner. This means we’ve been officially certified by Google and have demonstrated the skills and expertise to help our clients grow their website traffic, customer base, and revenue using AdWords pay-per-click advertising, as well as other Google products such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google My Business.

Many businesses use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to help drive potential customers to their website and without a doubt, Google AdWords is one of the best ways to do this.

Managing an effective PPC advertising campaign through Google AdWords requires time and knowledge of the program, as well as some of Google’s other tools, to really make the most of your advertising budget.

A well-researched, planned, and executed campaign involves developing keyword strategies, creating a realistic advertising budget, and analysing the results you receive to ensure that your ROI (Return on Investment) meets your expectations.

As most business owners don’t have the experience, or the time, to execute a paid online marketing campaign effectively, many choose to outsource this to an experienced and qualified digital marketing agency – preferably one that is a Certified Google Partner.

As a Certified Google Partner Vizulate must continuously meet Google’s required standards through the sustained growth of our client base, and must participate in ongoing training.

Speaking about becoming a Google Partner, Vizulate Director Scott Brant said: “We have been Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified for some time now but with the increase in new and existing clients trusting us to set up and manage their Google AdWords campaigns on their behalf we have now met the requirements set by Google to become a certified Partner.

“Google AdWords is particularly effective for our clients as we can be extremely targeted with their advertising campaigns to achieve their business goals, yet retain the level of flexibility not offered by other forms of advertising. For example, some of our clients run Search Ads and Shopping Ads to sell their products and services throughout the year, while others whose businesses have seasonal peaks and troughs, can turn their ads off and on as required.

“AdWords and Analytics are powerful, sophisticated, but often complicated, tools. To really get the most out of them you need to know what you’re doing and how they integrate and pass data between each other, as well as your website, and how to interpret that data to make informed strategical decisions about the campaigns.

“Hiring us to manage your Google AdWords campaigns means you’ll be saving time and maximising your return on investment.”

Benefits of working with a Google Partner include…

Certified Staff

A Google Partner agency must have staff that have completed a series of courses and exams and demonstrated the ability to efficiently manage AdWords campaigns, using Google’s best practices. We must refresh these certifications on a regular basis by undertaking training to ensure we are familiar with Google AdWords’ latest features, trends and technologies.

Maximise Benefits & Budget

As a Google Partner we have expert knowledge of Google AdWords and how to get the most out of the platform. This includes click-through-rate optimisation, increasing quality scores, dynamic keyword insertion, identifying negative keywords, and setting up automated rules. Typically, this increased level of knowledge results in more effective and cost-efficient campaigns by allowing the clients’ advertising budgets to go that little bit further.

Dedicated Google Representative

As a Google Partner we have access to our own Google representative who we can contact at any time to answer any questions relating to any of our clients’ accounts – a service not available to agencies that aren’t Google certified.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

As a Google Partner we have access to Google’s beta features. This means that after Google has developed a new feature or application, we can test and use the feature before it’s rolled out to the general public – which typically include our clients’ competitors.

You can check our Google Partner status here

As well as being Google AdWords certified, Vizulate is also adept at executing social media advertising campaigns and is currently running campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for a number of clients.