Secured Communications Website

Earlier this month Vizulate launched the UK website for Secured Communications and their Mercury platform.

Mercury is a unique communications platform developed in partnership with UK, US and global cyber security and counter terrorism leaders. It is a product which can be relied upon by businesses and organisations in any sector across the UK to ensure their communications are secure, with the highest levels of encryption to protect against hackers.

The platform was developed by US-headquartered Secured Communications LLC, a global leader in safeguarding communications.

Working with the UK operations, marketing, and PR team, Vizulate launched the UK website alongside a targeted LinkedIn Ads campaign that aims to increase awareness of the Mercury platform among specific UK business sectors.

Speaking about the new website and marketing campaign, former West Yorkshire Police chief constable and Secured Communications President John Parkinson OBE, said: “We have been really impressed by Vizulate’s attention to detail and determination to truly understand our objectives for the UK website and marketing campaign”.

Vizulate managing director, Scott Brant said: “Due to the current UK lockdown this entire project has been delivered 100% remotely and obviously we were privileged to use the Mercury platform for our regular communications with the UK team in West Yorkshire and the team in the US, and I can honestly say it blows the competition out of the water”.

To see the website or to learn more about Mercury visit

John Parkinson